As part of our learning in RE we visited the local Church, St Michaels. It has a beautiful spire which reaches 97 feet into the sky, much higher than normal Church spires. Revd Sandra told us that it had a beacon on the top of it in the past and that this was so it could be seen out in the channel to warn the ships of land. We have incorporated this into our mural which was painted by all members of our community. 
As a finale to our learning about Ancient Egypt we held a class museum and invited our families to come and see what we had on display. It made us feel very proud showing the different things we had learnt and sharing our new found knowledge with others. 
Our Science lessons are hands on and engaging. We have made our own fossils and looked at the different types of teeth we have. It was really interesting making these from clay and using the mirror to match our model with our own teeth.