SEN and Inclusion

All children are different and at Dundry Chruch of England Primary School we try to celebrate those differences!  Sometimes children need a different curriculum or approach to meet their needs and help them learn. We provide this through differentiating the work as part of the normal classroom practice.  For those children who have a specific educational need we establish and individual programme of work in consultation with the parents and child. Children with Special Educational Needs will have an Individual education plan which is reviewed termly. They are given small targets and goals to achieve. Intervention is provided from Teaching assistants, class teachers, the SENCO (Special educational needs co-ordinator) and outside agencies where necessary. Outside agencies and or specialist teachers often work with an individual or small group to support the work already going on in the school. We welcome the outside agencies and their input into helping us to help your child learn best. 

Special educational needs groups at Dundry Church of England Primary School include fine and gross motor skills groups, reading and phonic intervention and behaviour groups.

Each class has a teaching assistant to support children within that class. The SENCO and head teacher also have involvement with children with Special educational needs.


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