Photo gallery

We have worked hard to brighten a dull corridor in the main building. The Christian Ethos and Worship Team helped to design a mural which reflects our distinctive Christian Character. The mural shows the Church in Dundry with which we share celebrations throughout the year. This is St Michaels the Archangel. Members of the Church community regularly come into our school to lead worship.
All the children in the school have contributed to painting the mural which reflects the importance of our Christian Values and the community in which we live, work and play. We are very proud of our achievements.
As part of learning for Science week we had a visit from Fizz Pop. They were amazing, showing us different exciting experiments and helping us learn more about the science behind them. Have a look at the fun we got up to in our photo gallery!
This week the children of Dundry have thought carefully about Remembrance Day. In our Collective Worship we took part in a two minute silence to remember all of those who helped, served or have lived through conflict. We each had a red heart to help us sit and remember during our two minute silence. Then we placed our hearts on to a wooden cross. The children listened carefully and showed great respect during this time.