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Oak Class Home Learning Page
Please use this webpage to find out all the information you need to complete this term's Home Learning tasks.
As a general rule, the top contains important information, the timetable and MAT lessons for the week.
The bottom left contains an archive of old lessons, and on the bottom right is extra work if you need it.
Return to school 1st June important information 
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Year 4 MAT Home-Learning
Monday - My suggestion would be to use today (1st June) just to familiarise yourself with the resources etc. 
Tuesday - Year 4
Wednesday - Year 4
Thursday - Year 4
Friday - Year 4
If you would rather do Arithmetic Friday then that's fine.
Year 5 Home-Learning
Monday - I would use today to familiarise yourself with what is available. Take the pressure off finding out how this works. 
Archived Content from Last Term
Please see below for all our old page numbers, video lessons and BBC Bitesize Links. These are no longer required unless you wish to view them to help complete other work.
Maths Booklets and Arithmetic Friday
See below for Maths Booklets which contain teaching, questions and answers. 
On Fridays, if you would like to do the Arithmetic Friday challenge alongside the MAT slides, then please click the link and complete in the same way as before.

Extra Reading Resources
See here for the reading comprehension and ebook resources used last term. Perfect if you have finished your book as it is an unlimited (and free) library of online books.
Ancient Greece Booklet
See here for a downloadable home learning booklet all about Ancient Greece.