Dundry in space shock as satellite crashes into School playground!
Pupils arrived at school this morning to find the playground cordoned off with evidence of satellite debris. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon, thankfully nobody was hurt. Witnesses have reported seeing the large satellite flying through the sky and crashing into the playground with an almighty bang! Investigators were called to the scene and swiftly removed the majority of the debris, leaving a few pieces of evidence for Oak class to investigate further. Thankfully this shocking space incident was captured on school CCTV. PC Columbo has kindly asked pupils of Oak class to collect evidence and write a newspaper report to inform the community of Dundry.   

Hampton Court Palace School trip


On Friday 17th November Oak class went on this terms class trip. They travelled all the way to London on a beautiful winter’s day and visited Hampton Court Palace (the home of Henry the 8th). The Pupils had an excited early start and left school at 7:30. They arrived at the palace at 10:30 and were amazed from the second they walked in. Pupils had the opportunity to watch live actors acting out important moments of Henry’s life. They visited all parts of the palace, which included seeing; Henry’s apartment; the grand hall; the famous golden ceiling; the grand chapel; Henry’s crown; a number of original kitchens, famous paintings and the fabulous gardens. Pupils also took part in a 90 minute Drama workshop, where they re-enacted scenes from Henry’s life. It was a fantastic day and all the pupils were fully engaged throughout the whole day. They really embraced the trip and enjoyed seeing all the things that they had learnt about of the term. Pupils were incredibly well behaved and were a credit to the school.

“This is the best experience of my life”  Joshua

“This is the BEST Birthday I have ever had” Dexter