Oak Class Home Learning
Dear all the Oak Class Team,
Please check this page for information on your home-learning tasks over the next two weeks up to the Easter Holidays. 
Below, you will find our suggested timetable of work, page numbers for the CGP books, and further information.
Help videos will appear each day for the concepts suggested. If further guidance is required, please email office@dundry.com where Mrs. Harrison will inform me that I must call you.
Should I need to be reassigned to another role across the local authority, or if I myself get ill, the help would obviously reduce in frequency. 
I repeat the key messages from our letter: keep it simple, do your best, keep it calm.
We are all in this together.
As always, thanks for your continued support,
Mr. Wyatt
Need more? Need something easier? Something harder?
Firstly, before I say anything, well done to all parents out there! You're doing a great job. 
The timetable I've set still stands for the remainder of this week and next week, but I've had some questions about where can you get something easier, or harder, based on what we are doing. So I've enclosed some links below that might help.
The packs that we used are available for download from this website: https://classroomsecrets.co.uk/free-home-learning-packs/ If you need something more challenging, look at the year group above. If you need something easier, look at the year group below. All of these are free to download and print. Purplemash, and Topmarks are also good sources of Maths games if you need to supplement the amazing work you're already doing. 
You are, of course, also welcome to do more pages from your CGP book. Year 6, you also have your Buster Books.
Maths Investigations
As I've mentioned above, there are lots of possible activities of a harder nature, but instead of getting 'harder' you can also 'dive deeper' into the subject of maths by completing problem solving investigations.
There are some available in the CGP books. However, the majority of what I've given you is of more a fluency/ practice nature, than using maths to investigate problems etc. There is no doubt, that doing an investigation at home would be difficult for both adults and children, but if you want more, and you want this challenge, then I highly recommend this website from a known amazing educationalist who provides Youtube videos and printable resources on varied Mathematical Investigations and problems. 
There is guidance available on the website, and printable resources to go with each video.
If anyone has a go at this, which is optional as it stands for now, then let me know how you got on.
English - Grammar and Reading
Alongside the grammar books, there are comprehension packs for you to complete. If they are too easy, check out this website which the school uses from time to time to download comprehension packs, for free. They are in stages (Stage 4, Stage 5 etc.) and these correspond to age groups. So Stage 5 is Year 5. However, if it's too easy or hard, feel free to move up or down. https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/browse/free-resources/reading-comprehension-plus/reading-packs-ages-7-11 
On a further reading note, if anyone is running low on books to read, there is this fantastic website: https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ which contains a plethora of free ebooks which can be read online.  You do need to create an account (so parents that would be a job for you) but it's free and you then get access to lots of free books. I have a file which I will upload below which also contains the library level of each book according to our library system. This was created by another teacher named Lara Bowden. All can be quizzed on using our system available at: https://ukhosted63.renlearn.co.uk/2233148/ (I am aware some people are having issues logging on. I believe this is due to the sheer number of children countrywide trying to access the site.)
English - Writing
At the current time, I felt it best to focus on grammar at home as this is easier for you to teach (has a yes/no answer). If we are still off school after the Easter Break, then I will consider how to teach writing to you so watch this space. If, in the meantime, you really feel that you'd like to do some writing, then check out this great writing pack based on a Youtube film. You can do parts of the pack or all of the pack. It is available to download here: https://www.literacyshedplus.com/en-gb/resource/the-clock-tower-ks2-activity-pack
A further easy descriptive writing task would just be to write about this fantastic weather we are having at the moment! Describe the dew on the blades of grass, the sun warming the sky, the cerulean blue skies etc. 
I also sometimes use this website here: https://www.onceuponapicture.co.uk/ and just do some descriptive writing based on a nice image of my choice. Simple but effective!
Please don't feel pressured by these ideas, they're extras. You're doing a great job if your children are trying their best and you're getting at least something done. 
See you soon,
Mr. W
Video Lessons
Please see below for the video lessons for the day. They will be beneath a small note from Mr. Wyatt.
Hi Guys,
Year 6s, hopefully you've received your letters. During English time today, it would be a good time to make a start on it. It's about quality not quantity, so I'd rather receive your letter in three weeks well written and edited, than in 1 day but it being done quickly and roughly. So, maybe tackle it in parts.
In Maths, today's aim is for you to use your knowledge of calculating that you have been practicing over the past couple of days to solve word problems. If you get on really well, then why not try a video problem from http://www.iseemaths.com/home-lessons/ and let me know how you got on.
You've all worked extremely hard under challenging circumstances, so well done to you all. Once you've completed today's learning, you should take a two week break to recharge and refresh.
Work hard, stay safe, and I'll see you sometime soon.
As always, good luck today.
Mr. W
Please see here for further examples of the types of things you might do during 'project time'. 
These links are provided from other websites and we hold no creative ownership to these.
We are not responsible for content of external websites.
This website below has been created by another teacher in the USA and it is being updated every few hours with websites which are providing free home learning resources/videos/games etc. It is an American website, so the school year groups are in grades. Our year groups are one grade below. E.g. Year 4 is grade 3. Year 5 is grade 4 etc. It has been designed for parents who might want some extra work for their children at home across a range of possible subjects.
If any resources are particularly amazing, then please feel free to let us know!