Oak- Year 5/6- Mr Hilbourne

On Wednesday Key stage 2 were lucky enough to take part in a sports afternoon at the village field. The afternoon was organised and delivered by three Chew Valley year 10 pupils and was a great success. Pupils took part in lots of fun sporting activities and relay races.
Oak class had a fantastic morning on their class trip to the 'Life-skills centre'.
The pupils were split into small groups and guided around a number of real life scenarios. This included everything from: being safe around rail way tracks; crossing the road safely; calling all three of the emergency services in an emergency; keeping safe around the house and in the garden; being safe at the beach and lots more. Dundry pupils were again praised for their fantastic behaviour and enthusiasm.
Be sure to ask your children all about the important and exciting things they have learnt.   
Year 6 pupils had a fantastic day on Friday 16-06-17, attending the yearly Pilgrims day at Wells Cathedral.
All of the year 6 pupils from Dundry and Trinity attended the Pilgrims day, along with many other church schools.The Pupils had the chance to take part in an array of different workshops, including; Art, Drama and even a Cathedral tour. Pupils also attended  a wonderful Worship inside the magnificent Cathedral, where they were able to display our Dundry School flag and read our school prayer - Special well done to Skye for doing a fantastic job, reading our school prayer aloud to the whole Cathedral. All of the pupils represented Dundry in a fantastic manner and were praised by many tour guides and organisers for their behaviour and enthusiasm.         
Oak class have started the year with the Ancient Gods on their side.
Oak class have travelled back in time to Italy, August 79AD and became budding journalist. It is the day after violent Mount Vesuvius erupted over Pompeii and the pupils are reporting the tragic news to the rest of the world. Analysing the main features of a newspaper report and front cover, pupils then started to write their own report and design their own newspaper front cover. Pupils have also been practising their recount writing and improving their story writing. We have looked at extending our simple sentences by adding appropriate adjectives and detailed description. We have had a BIG focus this term on improving our spellings, dictionary skills and correct use of grammar and punctuation. 
Adding, subtracting and multiplying.
During this term we have been practising our Adding, subtracting and multiplying skills and techniques. We have had a big focus on learning the many different formal methods of multiplication. We have also looked at 12/24 time and have learnt how to tell the time accurately using both analogue and digital clocks.
This term Oak class have been spoilt and have been studying two Topics: Ancient Greece and the Maya civilisation.
Pupils have made their own Greek time-lines; found out about the many Ancient Greek Gods and Studied the Greek Alphabet.
We also experienced a chance of a life time, by attending a Maya workshop - which was ran by one of the only Maya Archaeologist in the country. The children loved finding out all about the Maya civilisation; what they had built and achieved; how they lived and still live today and their beliefs. 
Since the workshop, pupils have made: their own Maya calendar; completed sums using the complicated Maya number system; designed their own Maya family Glyphs (Which they have made out of clay and painted) and also studied where the famous Maya cities were located.
In Oak class we had a fun packed first term across all foundation subjects; In Art we have sketched the Mono Lisa; In P.E. we have been learning a new dance, attending swimming lessons and Learning new football skills; In Science we have been learning all about life cycles and in Music with have written our own TRUST song, linked to our R.E. theme and school values.
All of the children in Oak class have settled in extremely well and we are looking forward to finishing off this term with lots of exciting learning.           

End of year targets 

All children have been issued with their end of year targets in both Literacy and Numeracy.