Health and Welfare

School Nurse

The School Nurse visits regularly to carry out medicals, vision and screening with parental permission. She will also see parents on request if required. Occasionally the school may approach a parent to ask permission for the nurse to see a child outside of the regular visits.

First Aid

If your child suffers a minor injury at school, e.g. grazed knee we will administer first aid and record the details. We will send a note home to inform you of the injury.

If your child has a more serious accident or is ill in school, we will contact you immediately. It is vital that we have up to date information about where to contact you and also in an emergency contact number should you be unavailable.

Please note the school and its employees are not allowed to administer any medicine not prescribed by a doctor. Children are not allowed to bring any form of medicine to school for self-administration, or items such as throat lozenges or cough sweets.

If your child has a long term condition such as eczema, asthma, diabetes etc please do not hesitate to come into to school to speak with the Headteacher.  We have staff specially trained to look after children with various conditions.

Please do not send your child to school if he/she has been sick, is suffering from impetigo or had diarrhoea, for forty eight hours after the symptoms have subsided.

We are a fully inclusive school and believe that all children should be catered for depending on their needs.