Covid - 19 School Closure

In response to Covid-19 children of key workers (both parents) for whom it is not possible to be cared for safely at home, will be able to attend school. Please email our school office if you need more information about a school place at this time. All other children must stay at home and engage in home learning.

Our Home Learning Plan

To support with home learning our teachers will provide a daily timetable of activities supported with resources, videos and and suggested websites.

Your activities will be sent to you directly through See-Saw and the website. Some children will also be sent short lessons or activities from their intervention teacher to support them with their catch-up learning.

Please visit your child’s class web page to find out what you need to know about home learning in your child’s class. Here you will find their timetable, links to learning and helpful websites suitable for the class.

Please support your child to complete their learning at home. You can message the teachers via the office or Seesaw if you have any questions or comments about the learning. Your feedback is really valuable and helps us to get it right for your child.

Please use the Student Portfolio facility on Seesaw to upload your child’s learning. This will enable the teachers to view your child’s work and provide comments and feedback to them. We expect all children to ‘have a go’ with their home learning.

We will also use Seesaw, the website and Youtube to upload school prayers, Collective Worship, story time and celebrations.

Schedule and timings

We do not expect your child to do 5 hours of intensive learning at home each day! Aim for 1.5 to 3 hours spread over the day to include all types of activities. We don’t expect your child to sit at the table with a workbook or device all day!

Divide the day into chunks of learning that work for your whole family. Children (and adults) thrive on routine so make a plan for the day. It will help children to focus on each task as they will know what is coming next and when they will be finished. We often talk to children about NOW and NEXT when they are finding a task difficult or would rather just play. “We are going to do some writing now and next we will make a lego model”.

A visual plan for the day can help younger children too. There are several plans on the internet that may work for you.

Movement breaks and exercise

Your child needs regular movement breaks and exercise. During a normal school day your children will be outside playing for 20% of their day and have frequent movement breaks throughout the learning time. In addition to this we have our PE lessons and sports clubs.

Exercise helps children to concentrate on their learning and will physically tire them out. Exercise doesn’t need to be directed, it can be time to play in the garden, but here are some useful links that will help you exercise inside:

Joe Wicks 5 Minute Move Kids Workout:


BBC Supermovers:


We know that the first thing our children will ask is if they can watch TV, watch films, play on their x-box or consoles, look at YouTube, message their friends etc etc! There is obviously a time and a place for all electronic devices, including some learning activities such as Purple Mash and BBC Bitewise. We advise you to set times in your day when children are allowed to use their devices and that you agree to time limits on this.

Please check-in with your children frequently about their online use to ensure they are observing safe and respectful online behaviour and not accessing inappropriate online content.

Time for rest and play

This is very important! When you spend time eating together, talking together and playing together your children will get a break from learning and they will also feel a sense of  normality in a very strange time. If your child gets creative in this time or learns a new skill then please let us know!

Staying connected

In these unusual times our children need to stay connected with their friends and family. Whilst we are unable to go on play-dates or meet in the park you will need to find alternative ways to stay connected. Try online group chats with your child – but remember to check the security settings. Some children are placing pictures of rainbows in their windows so that as friends walk by they can feel connected too.

Stay Safe and stay positive

Above all we want you and your children to stay safe and to stay positive. We want you to follow the rules and stay inside. We want you to remember that this is an unprecedented situation and no-one knows the rules yet – so be kind to yourself and don’t expect to get it right everyday. We are here to help so please send us a message if we can support in any way. You are not alone and there is a light at the end of the tunnel; normality will return and we want to be able to look back on these strange times and remember the good that has come from it.