Conifer- Year 1/2- Miss Kettle

Conifer Class Trip to Westonbirt Arboretum- Tuesday 4th July 2017
Conifer Class were fantastic on their school trip today. The children enjoyed their Super Senses Session in the morning with the wonderful learning team lead by Chrissie. The children learnt all about the different trees and how to work out their age using their hand spans. They also created a live-action packed diagram of the inside of the base of a tree trunk. We videoed them in action.
One of their favourite activities involved blindfolding a partner, guiding them to a tree, then afterwards getting the person blindfolded to identify the tree they had just touched with their hands. The children also explored the seed life cycle by acting it out as seeds but the one catch was that they couldn't move their feet! Just before lunch to end the session the children created their own colour pallets to take home.
In the afternoon after a visit to the gift shop we all explored the treetop walkway followed by games of hide and seek to finish off the day.
There are many photos from the day so they will uploaded shortly for you all to enjoy. 
Many thanks to all the lovely parent helpers and staff for ensuring it was a really enjoyable day out.

Monday Morning's Cricket Coaching Session - Week 4
Conifer Class enjoyed a fantastic Cricket Coaching session led by Harry and Ben from Future Stars Sports Coaching. They all learnt how to bowl and hit the stumps amongst many other skills. Thank you to Harry and Ben for teaching us all some new skills. We all liked the W shape you create with your hands so you can easily catch the ball.  Below are some photos  from the session. Many thanks to Mrs Bowery who came up for the whole morning to support and help.

Conifer Class Striking & Fielding Festival- East Harptree Playing Fields

Conifer class excelled themselves today with a fantastic performance at the Striking & Fielding Festival run by Yr 10 students from Chew Valley School. They were kind and polite to other school children and some even made friends with the children in their group. All the children put 100 percent effort in and were a credit to the school. I was very impressed with the children’s batting and fielding skills. Many thanks to our two dedicated bus drivers Mrs Densely and Mrs White. It is really appreciated. 

Term 6
Summer Singing Festival - KS1- North Somerset Council
On Thursday 15th June Conifer Class visited St Andrew's School in Congresbury for the KS1 Summer Singing festival. They were super stars and showed off their singing and musical talents with 4 other schools from North Somerset. Miss Kettle & Mrs White were very proud of them all. 
The festival was all about songs for the summer months and theirs favourites by far had to be The Wasp Song and Summer Holiday. A few of our children were chosen to accompany the songs using various musical instruments. It was a great opportunity for the children and they can't wait to go again next year. 
We are looking forward to our Striking & Field Festival next week at East Harptree Playing Fields. It is an afternoon event and the children will need a pack lunch. 
This term our topic is all about Where do I belong?
The children will be thinking about the environment this term and exploring how plants grow and how they are important to us. 
Please see the attached topic booklet for more information on the skills we will cover this term.
Homework this term will be added to the homework tab and stuck in homework books. 
Events this term include:
KS1 Singing festival at St Andrew's, Striking & Fielding Festival at East Harptree playing fields, Conifer Class Assembly & Westonbirt Arboretum (We will be using our entrepreneur day funds to reduce the cost of the coach!).
Letters have gone out for these events. Please contact the office or Miss Kettle with any queries regarding these events. 
Term 3
In Numeracy this term we will be securing our ability to solve calculation word problems in all four calculation operations. We have already recapped our understanding of place value and have been learning how to apply this knowledge when adding 10, 20 or 30 to a 2 digit number. For the rest of this term we will begin work on statistics and measurement. As well as recapping solving a range of one step and two step calculation problems in the context of all 4 operations. We would encourage children to continue to practice their recall of the 2X, 5x, 10X including the 3X table.
Conifer Class's topic in Literacy this term is Once Upon a Time with a twist. We are looking at the features of traditional tales including some very well known fairy tales. Also we will be looking at how they are displayed in a film version of Jack and the Beanstalk. The children will end the unit having written a selection of traditional tales including their own versions as we are exploring how writers twist the typical sequence and characters of these beloved narratives. 
Throughout the unit we will continue enhancing our writing skills including spelling, punctuation and grammar and handwriting. In phonics we are continuing our on learning how to read and spell the alternative pronunciations of different phonemes. This will include a range of suffix rules this term linked to the year 2 National Curriculum rules. Guided Reading sessions and weekly BIG WRITE sessions on Friday's will also contribute to other Literacy based learning.
Creative Curriculum
In Foundation Subject topic based sessions we are continuing our learning in Science on materials. We will be carrying our Science experiments and look at recording our results and using scientific vocabulary to explain our findings. Other focuses will including animation in computing and music sessions where we will be using tuned and un-tuned instruments to compose our own simple film scores to match the characters of a mini beast film. 
Term 2 
In Numeracy this term we have been consolidating our ability to solve calculation word problems in all four operations. We have introduced different methods for multiplication and division and will continue to practice these skills as well as beginning to secure our understanding of the 2X, 5X, 10X and 3X tables and the opposing division facts. Understanding how inverse works in all four operations has been a tricky skill that we have been looking at practically. For the rest of this term we will begin work on fractions, recap time and shape from last term and apply all our skills when solving a range of one step and two step calculation problems. 
Conifer Class have just completed writing their own superb versions of Alice in Wonderland which is a Voyage & Return story. For the rest of this term we will be looking at creating our own news reports on the launch of the SS Great Britain which will be linked to our topic work. Throughout the unit we will be enhancing our writing skills including spelling, punctuation and grammar. In phonics we are learning how to read and spell the alternative pronunciations of different phonemes.
Creative Curriculum
In Foundation Subject topic based sessions we are learning all about the properties of different materials and how we can apply this knowledge to help the Dundry Mouse build his own sailing boat for his voyage around the world. We have already time lined famous explorers achievements and learnt all about Christopher Columbus's voyage to the Americas where we role played the journey and wrote a recount in role as Christopher Columbus.
We visited the SS Great Britain on 2nd December, it was amazing.
Find out what we have been learning about in Conifer class this term. 

End of year targets 

All children have been issued with their end of year targets in both Literacy and Numeracy.