In all other situations the Governors will follow the procedure below.
Our Complaints Procedure
We believe there is a free flow of information between home and school but recognise there may be times when misunderstandings arise, you are concerned about aspects of your child’s progress or you may be unhappy about a particular event or activity which you have heard has taken place.  In any event it is important you do not keep a problem or concern to yourself but approach the school.
Step 1 – Informal Discussions with Subject Teacher/Form Tutor Before making a complaint
Step 2 – Informal Discussions with Senior Members of staff  
Step 3 – Informal Discussions with Senior Members of staff and Headteacher
Step 4 – Formal Investigation by the Headteacher
Step 5 – Formal Investigation by the CEO
Step 6 – Formal Investigation by the Local Governing Body 
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