We want a high standard of attendance so all our children can succeed highly.

If your child needs to be absent from school, please let us know by 9.00 am so that we know your child is safe.  If you do not contact the school, a member of staff will ring home to ensure your child’s safety.   Your child’s absence can only be authorised for illness and medical appointments. The school Education Welfare Officer regularly checks our registers for absence. If a child is frequently absent from school the EWO (Education Welfare Officer) will visit and offer advice to parents and families.

Parents frequently ask about taking their child out from school during term time for a family holiday. We hope that whenever possible parents will arrange their holidays to fit in the school academic timetable.  It is a school policy NOT to authorise ANY holiday during term time, unless there are VERY EXCEPTIONAL circumstances.  Please make an appointment with the Head to discuss this.

Below is a chart which gives a clear picture of the value of daily attendance and the importance of punctuality.
What can parents do to help?  
• Set a regular bed time and morning routine.  
• Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.
• Don’t let your child stay home unless they are truly sick. Keep in mind complaints of a stomach ache or headache can be a sign of anxiety and not a reason to stay home.  
• If your child seems anxious about going to school, talk to teachers and school staff on how to make them feel comfortable and excited about learning. We are only too happy to help.
• Develop back-up plans for getting to school if something comes up. Call on a family member or another parent.
• Avoid medical appointments and extended trips in school time.
If, for an unavoidable reason, your child must miss school, there are things you can to ensure they don’t fall behind. Speak with your classroom teacher and find out what work your child needs to do to keep up.